Still collecting dust

December 01, 2011

Most everything in the last post outside of twitter I'm no longer active on. Check or my online portfolio/blog at if you are interested in keeping up with what I'm up to.

collecting dust

January 26, 2008

Haven't posted here in a while. Been on haveboard, Twitter, Pownce, The Giraffe, and the Walrus. Check those out.

Fuck You, Steve Jobs. Where is my credit?

September 06, 2007

You launched the iPhone on AT&T only, thus turning your back on MANY loyal customers not willing to go to AT&T's services, and now you are giving a credit to the people that would buy your shit regardless of the price or conditions?

That's lame.

And the rich get richer...

The IT Crowd - US Version

August 24, 2007

The IT crowd is coming:

try and get the first six episodes of the UK version, HILARIOUS

The IT Crowd on NBC

Web Dev Rant

August 23, 2007

Fuck IE. Fuck Flash. Fuck Flash Detection (I ALREADY HAVE FLASH PLAYER 9). Fuck Buzz Words. Fuck Captcha's. Fuck a frillion social networking websites.

UPDATE: Apparently SOME PEOPLE wrongfully thought this was directed at them. Post has been edited to avoid any further confusion.

This is why I Love/Hate Comments

August 22, 2007


You Ain't Black!

Tracie Morgan is hilarious!