Brodie's TShirt from Mallrats

May 21, 2007


After finding, I have once again had the urge to find out about this T-Shirt that Jason Lee wears in Mallrats.

Brodie's shirt is supposedly a combination of the three faces of people that almost got the role of Brodie or Dante (neither has been comfirmed).

If this is true, this is going to make this shirt THAT much more difficult to get reproduced, but I guess that makes it that much more of an AWESOME T-Shirt. I'll keep you posted on my findings. I maybe able to get some "inside information" on this one, but I'm seeing what I can find on my own, first.

UPDATE: I'm apparently slacking on my internet search skills! Thanks Brando!


Blogger Stitchmouth said...

Not sure if you ever found anything out or are still even interested, considering you can buy the shirt off the view askew website now, but the rumour that the shirt is a combined image of people face's who tried out for the part is definitly false. If you can get a copy of the skate video from 1991 called "Video Days", that Jason Lee was in (he was a pro skater before acting) Watch Mark Gonzales' part, he's wearing the shirt 5 years before mallrats came out. My guess is that this shirt was pretty much Jason's way of a shout out or inside joke. I'm not positive what the picture really is, but to me it just looks like a warped Groucho Marx. definitly not failed auditioners though haha. Here's a very digitized youtube link to the video part, look specifically around 2:10-2:35 for the best look at the shirt.

January 8, 2008 at 7:09 PM  

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